Welcome, Friends! To Rush On Main!

Emily W.

"Great little place to eat and visit friends!

I am pleasantly surprised by how great this place was. Very nice location. Food was great. Staff was friendly and attentive. Would definitely recommend."

Troy Millikan

"Great food and service! Chicago dog and the Potachoes are fantastic!"

Joshua A Kirsh

"This was awesome, I regret not ordering the second entree. Service was clutch, and the bill came and didn’t feel like they had charged me enough. Hell, the vegetarian GF found plenty to order and kept saying how great it was. Attentive staff, good food, free parking... what else do you want?"

Kegan G.

"The atmosphere here is great for a small town bar, especially if you're a Cubs fan! Highly recommended!"

Troy Millikan

"Great food and service! Chicago dog and the Potachoes are fantastic!"

Marcia M.

"This is our go to place. Friendly staff good bar food
Big fan of the pear rosemary mule"

Shelley S.

"Great Food Great People Great Experience

We had a great time, College Basketball on all the TVs, food was excellent and so was the service. Lots of craft beers and variety on menu. A++++ MARCH MADNES!!!"

Jennifer R.

"Da Beef Sandwich is amazing (though messy and I had it dry), we also appreciated the great atmosphere (from bottom filling beer mugs, cool fans, to games to borrow). All in all a very cool place, we will definitely be back!"

Thaddeus R.

"Great place! Took my niece out to this cool place. Nice atmosphere and good food (Very busy) we ordered the pretzel sticks for an appetizer and I got the chicken wings and she got a Cuban sandwich.Food was great!"

Christy O.

"Very good beef with hot pepper relish and cheese. House chips were crispy and well seasoned. Great atmosphere in attic space above shops in downtown Zionsville. Highly recommend."

Heather M.

"Curb side pick up is super easy and the food is great as ever! Love the beef, burgers and salads in particular!"

Ryan S.

"I lived in Chicago for 14 years and this place takes me right back home. Awesome decor, unique atmosphere, delicious food, and great service. The owners are great people who really care about making the experience authentic. This place is great for people of all ages. If you are looking to try out a new restaurant be sure to check out Rush on Main. I will definitely be back."

Shawna R.

"Quaint location.   Love the dipped beef.  
Blood orange margaritas and their tacos on Mondays!   They often have a local live musician playing."